Sunday, June 6, 2010

After Burglaries What else?

   I was up in my room keeping busy. Read a book on C programming that I bought a week ago. Check emails on the old desktop, replied to new messages on Facebook, browsed for some info on the web and  blogged.
   I was expecting there would be a lull in the series of petty theft and burglaries around the neighborhood today. So after finishing up on my latest post here today, I decided to go out again to my usual hangout- the neighborhood basketball court.
    Crossing to the other side of the main road that separates our side of the subdivision from the rest I chance upon Ruben the security guard sitting by the entrance gate. I had asked him the day before to checked on another vacant property in connection with the series of burglaries we just had. Informed me on the latest whereabouts of its caretaker. Good enough development for me. What I was not aware of was what transpired that afternoon. Others whom I met by the basketball court had their own experiences to tell. 
   The way I figured it out was a group of armed men in three separate vehicles  came searching for one resident called Ricky. They closed in on one parked van with tinted glass windows near his house. Some men went out of the vehicle started shooting at it thinking the guy they were looking for was there. Fortunately for Ricky, he was not even in it and was able to make an escape by running to the basketball court. He then passed through Arthur's compound from the back entrance asking for help but did not even stopped there to hide instead went out the front gate  and disappeared. Later there were exchanges of gunfire. Ricky's gang mates might have fought back. Then vehicles were seen on a chase going out towards the main road. I was not so sure who was chasing who. Important thing was they were all out of the subdivision where children were usually out playing in the streets during the day. 
   Somebody might have called the authorities. A mobile patrol came  later. Actually very much later. What was left for them to find were spent shells and a few live bullets. Good thing though nobody was caught in the crossfire or even was run down by the speeding vehicles.  


  1. Wow! I believe you live near me in Pasig, as well. I'll have to stay out of your neighborhood (!!)

  2. So very right. Btw gunfight and car chase happened along Sapphire and its adjacent streets. I think that's somewhere along your side of the neighborhood?


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